Cloud services

Trigent empowers businesses to strategically utilize cloud computing capabilities such as servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence.

Moonwalk your way to the cloud

Businesses are adopting cloud at a rapid pace to meet evolving customer and employee demands. Early adopters attain higher cloud maturity that improves business results across the key performance indicators (KPIs). Sure enough, their employee productivity, operational efficiency, growth, and profitability, saw an upsurge.

Trigent’s cloud-first strategy enables the organizations to drive business acceleration, connected insights, and customer experience. Our experts leverage a customized, risk-mitigated cloud strategy that the deployment model most suitable for your business. We provide a seamless and secure journey from in-house IT to a modern cloud-enabled enterprise environment.

Your business can benefit from our cloud services at any stage of your cloud adoption journey. You could be at any cloud maturity stage: like you are still dependent on an on-premise data center, or you have partially adopted cloud for some business requirements. Our services are well-equipped to catapult your business to the next orbit of cloud transformation.

Our experts have enabled cloud transformation at speed and scale for small, medium, and large organizations across industries. The transformation helps customers leverage the best of architecture, application performance, infrastructure, and security without disrupting business continuity. Our proven approach, architectures, frameworks, and partner ecosystem has enabled businesses to realize the full potential of cloud via our services like advisory, development, architecture.


while migrating to the cloud
  • Complete within time and budget
  • Moving legacy applications and hardware
  • Avoiding re-engineering of applications during migration to the cloud
  • Fear of vendor lock-in
  • Smooth transition to the cloud without impacting business
while maintaining the cloud
  • Maintenance of data center and server technology without incurring capital expenditure
  • Unmanageable IT infrastructures that hinder speed, efficiency, and innovation
  • Constant pressure to reduce the cost of IT, while addressing compliance, sustenance and enterprise resilience

Why cloud?


Enjoy the benefits of faster turnarounds and pay-per-use models while ensuring a frictionless customer experience for your customers.


Move to the cloud to power business agility, on-demand scalability, and improved availability.


Invest in easily customizable, future-ready, pay-per-use technology solutions.

Deliver a persistent, superior customer experience backed by the latest cloud technologies.

Our offerings

Cloud advisory

Be future-ready with apt cloud strategy
Cloud advisory

Organizations with higher cloud maturity show stronger business results across the key performance indicators (KPIs). Sure enough, their employee productivity, operational efficiency, growth and profitability, saw an upsurge.

Our experts have enabled organizations in varying stages of cloud transformation. Many organizations have adopted cloud ad hoc for several bespoke initiatives, but lack a holistic vision for cloud.Upon assessment, some organizations are found lagging behind the curve in this arena. Irrespective of your stage in your cloud journey, we can help you leapfrog to a higher maturity level in cloud transformation.

We assess your current business scenario to analyze the benefit of transitioning to a cloud-first organization. Based on the assessment, we create a transformation strategy to help you realize the potential of cloud. Our cloud strategy includes roadmap, technology evaluation, deployment and support.

Talk to our cloud experts and put these questions to rest
Should I shut my datacenter and migrate all applications to the cloud?
Should I rewrite/rebuild my applications while moving to cloud?
Roadmap to migrate to cloud?
Are my applications secure on the cloud?
Should I adopt modern serverless or microservices architecture?
Which applications should I migrate to cloud?
Is application maintenance cost more on cloud than on-prem?
Which is the right cloud provider for my requirements?

Migrate to cloud to support business surge

Cloud application development

Rapidly deliver native and hybrid cloud applications at scale in highly available environment
Cloud application development

Businesses need applications that are optimized for the cloud to drive speed, scale, flexibility, innovation, and performance.

Accelerate your business with smart applications powered by cloud. Gain the edge in customer delight through native and hybrid cloud applications through our cloud-first approach. We help you harness cloud to transform the way you operate, even as your customers delight in the digital experiences you have enabled.

Our experts help in building scalable and reliable applications by leveraging cloud native features of most trusted public cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform. We help you develop, deploy, execute, manage, secure all your applications on cloud. All this without tampering your business edge that earned you past successes and by ensuring business continuity and zero downtime.

Native Cloud

Native cloud application

We enable businesses to rapidly build cloud-based applications in native environment. This enables the applications to leverage the advantages of cloud such as effortless scaling, reliability, high-security, flexibility and future-readiness for next-gen business requirements.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud application

We build hybrid cloud applications that use both on-premise or private cloud alongside a third-party public cloud. We build these applications in special circumstances like applications being too big for cloud migration, when application is tightly coupled with on-premises' resources, and when migrating to cloud is too costly.

Enabling correct decision making by finding answers to the following:
Should the applications be rewritten/rearchitect for cloud?
Should the applications be rewritten/rearchitect for cloud?
What architecture suits for my application?
Does cloud ensure the high availability of my application?
Should I go with a native or hybrid approach?
Will my application scale on demand?
Which cloud provider suits my application?
Will my application and data be secure on cloud?

Harness cloud completely through native applications

Cloud architecture services

Harness the power of new-age cloud architecture
Cloud architecture services

We always enable businesses adapt new-age architectures in the cloud and thus making them future-ready As the cloud evolves, we enable businesses to adapt their cloud portfolio to the new-age architecture.

We assess your cloud scenario and recommend the right application architectures and platform that suit your business requirements. As a frontrunner in new-age cloud architectures and proficient with different clouds, we understand the big picture and can provide an objective assessment of how much of a fit they are for you.


Serverless applications

Our serverless approach controls costs while leveraging serverless components and by leaving all infrastructure management to the cloud provider. By harnessing on the power of Serverless architecture, we enable the businesses to achieve the following benefits: Low barrier-to-entry, Hostless, Stateless, Elasticity, Distributed, and Event-driven.


Containerization of services

We leverage Container based virtualization services on Cloud to deliver highly scalable applications by veiling underlying compute resources. We leverage it to deliver consistently applications on time with high reliability, high scalability, optimal resources, and agnostic of deployment environments. Containerization Services make applications scalable, distributed, portable and independent.


Microservices based architecture implementation

A microservices architecture empowers agile teams to ensure that your entire application is loosely coupled with different components. In the last few years, we helped businesses across industries transform monolith applications into a set of microservices while overcoming challenges.

Our experience helps us overcome transition challenges while shifting to microservices architecture, enabling you to leave your cloud concerns to us and instead focus on your core business.

Talk to our cloud experts and put these questions to rest
Which cloud architecture(s) aligns with my business?
Are they complex to implement and use?
Is cloud-native architecture economical?
Does it reduce the effort in achieving scalability and high availability?
Does it support CI/CD?
Do they provide adequate security and compliance?
Will it support regular data backups and disaster recovery plans?
Will it lead to vendor lock-in (cloud platform)?

Forge your digital future with new-age cloud architecture

Cloud migration

Cloud migration

Making cloud migration smart and swift

Finding the right migration path for your applications is fraught with challenges. It's vital to get the migration right the first time, for, a lengthy rework cycle awaits the company otherwise. Further, the service dependencies must be unknotted to assess the varying migration paths of various applications.

We ensure the best and optimal migration path for your unique business scenario and objectives, ensuring greater scalability, productivity and reduced capital and operating costs. This results in better speed-to-market even as the security and compliance are handled efficiently.

Our cloud migration services are optimized for business continuity and performance. We assist businesses in migrating infrastructure, on-premise applications and platforms, and in re-architecting existing and legacy applications for cloud deployment.

Migrating existing and legacy applications

Migrating existing and legacy applications

We migrate all kinds of existing and legacy applications to the cloud.

Our services are tailored to your application needs, business objectives, current IT and cloud scenario. We validate your existing applications to ensure if they're cloud-ready and transform them into 'cloud-worthy' if required.

Based on the unique business and IT requirements, we use the following approaches to migrate applications to cloud.

  • Rehost: Lift-and-shift
  • Replatform: Lift-tinker-and-shift
  • Refactor/Re-architect: Re-imagining how the application is architected and developed, using cloud-native features
  • Retain: Mark for 'revisit' in future, while letting it be as-is for now
Talk to our cloud experts and put these questions to rest
Which applications should I migrate to cloud?
Can even legacy applications be moved to cloud?
What’s my roadmap and timelines to migrate to cloud?
Will moving to cloud save my recurring license cost?
Should I rewrite, rebuild, or rearchitect my apps while moving to cloud?
What’s the best mix of my applications on-prem and cloud?
Is cloud maintenance cost more economical compared to on-prem?
How to evaluate and select the right cloud platform?
Should I opt single or multi-cloud for scalability and high availability?
Will it lead to vendor lock-in (cloud platform)?
Are my applications and data secure on the cloud?
Is it better to choose a vendor-agnostic cloud solution provider?

Migrate to cloud with zero business downtime

Cloud managed services

Focus on your core business

Focus on your core business, leave the cloud management to us.

Managing the implementation, provisioning and workloads on cloud requires deep-domain expertise. This hinders their business velocity in creating their core value, for much time and efforts are expended in managing cloud.

Our Managed Services help support complex enterprise applications and IT portfolio, while balancing business needs of IT operations and innovation. We help businesses stay focused on strategic, high-value functions, while providing support and maintenance.

DevOps services

DevOps services
Leveraging agile tech to develop new-age applications on cloud-based architecture.

Through DevOps, we create an enabling environment for speedy collaboration between development and operation teams, breaking the silos. Our approach ensures that development is in sync with evolving business and customer needs.

Our deep expertise in continuous integration and delivery helps us best-leverage cloud-enabled DevOps services. Our services include consulting, infrastructure, automation, monitoring, migration and training. We help organizations outpace their competition through increased business and innovation agility and faster time-to-market.

Talk to our cloud experts and put these questions to rest
How to evaluate the competency of the service provider?
Is it economical to shift to cloud managed services?
Will I have better visibility of the associated future costs?
Does this align with my changing business and architectural needs?
Can this be customized for my organizational needs?
Does it provide comprehensive SLA covering 24/7 support?
Will it support regular data backups and disaster recovery process?
Does it support multiple vendors (cloud platforms)?

Services to simplify your complex cloud environment

Our expertise

Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • CoffeeScript
  • LESS
  • SASS
  • Foundation
  • Bootstrap
  • Kendo UI
  • AngularJS
  • Backbone.js
  • Knockout
  • Meteor
Libraries & plugins
  • jQuery
  • Modernizer
  • Normalize.css
  • DataTables
  • Vue.js
  • Underscore.js
  • .NET
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Java
  • Python
  • PHP
  • HTML5 Boilerplate
  • YUI
  • Vue.js
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • SQLite
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
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